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Internet Marketing Resources
Internet Marketing Resources
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and to the world of Internet marketing.

Our main objective is to provide as much information as possible to you, so that you can learn the terminology and exactly what is involved in becoming, and remaining an Internet Marketer.

Many just dab into unknown areas - only because of the often outrageous claims being made by those who have succeeded in Internet Marketing. But little do they know about what it takes to achieve that level of success.

If you consider yourself, or know yourself to be a seasoned Internet Marketer - then you should know it takes time to learn the ropes. It can be quite overwhelming to anyone who tries to take it in all at once. Thus, it is expected of you self-proclaimed Guru’s, and of you professionals to be patient with words and terminology you already know - when you read familiar information here.

I have learned over the years, that no matter what circle of friends and /or acquaintances you find yourself in - there is always someone who just bought a new computer or Tablet for the first time. Perhaps you should be reminded - there are thousands of new users coming online every day. Even in this digital age we are currently living in, there are people who still ask me - “What is an e-book?” And, as long as there are people asking - I will be more than happy to share what I know - with everyone who sincerely wants to know.

Unlike some Internet Marketers, many keep all the secrets and tricks to themselves, and never reveal anything until they are overcome with guilt, or ready to retire.

I, on the other hand (the right hand) - am willing to share everything I know, as long as I know the person I am communicating with is sincere in their interest. I laugh and talk with people all the time. But when it comes to business (serious business), I don’t allow anyone to waste my time.

Some people truly don’t know any other way of earning a dollar - except by way of a job. It may never dawn on them, to “earn it.” At least, that way - you don’t have to pay it back, because they’ve “earned it.”

Some people are just born to take orders from their boss and others. I myself, I hated every job I ever had - yet I did my job, and performed my duties well.

Once when talking to a family member when I was still in my learning stage - excited about what I was learning, my own brother became impatient with me and yelled out - “What you need is a “Good Job” with Benefits.”

He has also commented (when emailing me), “It’s time for me to go to sleep, so that I can go to work tomorrow, so I can get my check that I know will be waiting for me Friday.” I have also been told by another acquaintance - “Why don’t you just get a job?”

These people can be well meaning family and friends. But they don’t have one drop of “Entrepreneur” blood.

That is something - in most cases, people are just born with. Referred to as “Born Entrepreneurs.” You either have it, or you don’t.

They are the little kids with the bicycle paper routes. The cute little kids selling Lemonade in front of their house. They start thinking of selling stuff at a very young age, and it stays with them (as they mature) - for life.

As for the masses of the people, we are taught from very small children - “Go to school, and get a good education, so you can get a good paying job.”

By the time we become adults, this has become welded in our brains so much that it cannot be removed.

As for those in the know, the acronym for J.O.B. is,  ...Just Over Broke.

And I conclude with….

A Formal Education - Will Make You A Living!
A Self Education - Will Make You A Fortune.

…You decide.

Enjoy the site…
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